Palisano 学习实验室


The mission of the Mount Mercy Academy 学习实验室 is to provide centralized, 协调, and accessible services designed to enhance individual learning and in-class performance for all students.  The 学习实验室 operates with the commitment to provide opportunities which promote academic success for each student and to foster the essential qualities which are integral to the student in reaching her highest potential.


The goals of the 学习实验室 include:

  • Providing academic support to assist students as they work toward the goal of academic excellence, one of the Hallmarks of a 仁慈的教育.  Opportunities offered include structured study halls, assistance with study skills, and tutoring in all subject areas

  • Providing accommodations for any student having an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.

学生 are able to access the services of the 学习实验室 through referrals made by the 学校 咨询 Department, 一个老师, 一个家长, or by the request of the student herself.

"Mount Mercy has positively changed my life forever. Through the inviting community, I was able to grow as a woman, 作为女儿, 作为朋友, and as a member of society. Throughout my time here I have gained an education in both academic areas and life in general through the school's ongoing efforts to educate students on gender inequality, 种族歧视, and environmental crisis'. 此外, Mercy has given me the space to gain confidence that 4 years ago I never would have guessed I would have. Mount Mercy has helped me take that initial step toward becoming the strong woman of color I am today. At Mercy you are more than just a student, you are whoever you wish to be."



"My future, success, and the ability to be an empowered woman in society come from Mount Mercy. My school is a strong foundation for my role in life. From attending Mount Mercy, I can say with confidence, that I will graduate with the mindset that I can accomplish anything. Mercy is my home and my sanctuary to be whoever I want. Mount Mercy has been bringing forth generations of strong intellectual women into the world, and I am more than honored to be one of them. Mercy teaches girls more than academics, but also about the world around us. As a mercy community, we give back to the world because it is our home. From my four years at Mercy, I have been educated on pushing for equality and peace and the understanding that there is no limit to what I can do. I have the confidence to go out in the world and make a difference because being a Mercy girl has given me that opportunity. "



"Mercy is more than just a school. Mercy is my second home and a shoulder to lean on. Mount Mercy has given me the confidence and resources to pursue my passions and make the world a more inclusive place, propelling me to take strides into male-dominated fields. Mercy blessed me with an environment to grow intellectually and in the community, giving me the foundation to make a tangible impact while making lifelong friendships."



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